If you were hurt at work in Baltimore, or anywhere in the State of Maryland, I ask that you call me immediately  to see how I can help you receive all of the benefits you are entitled to.

Call or Text 410-279-2348

  • Lost Wages.
    Injured on the Job?

    Injured on the Job?

  • Medical treatment.
  • Job Retraining
  • Financial Compensation for Your Injuries.

I will respond to you.  You are also more than welcome to schedule a meeting at any of my office locations.  The consultation is free and confidential.



THUMBTACK.COM:   This is a great website if you are searching for a professional to perform any type of work in your community.   I encourage you to post reviews of professionals that you may use through this site.   Full disclosure will help elevate the level of service we all may recieve.



If you find yourself in the South Baltimore / Federal Hill area you may want to first check out the site below to learn about what this pocket of the city has to offer.


Are you hurt at work?

If you are and you work in Maryland then this article would be beneficial for you.

Being hurt at work allows you to qualify for work compensation including coverage of medical bills and all the other related expenses.